$75.00 Pumpkin Peel Facial for $30.00

$75.00 Pumpkin Peel Facial for $30.00

Beauty by Savannah
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There are a lot of people who feel that one of the great mysteries of the world is what makes something a fruit or a vegetable. An orange and an apple are fairly easy to guess as fruits. But there are some that are fruits that may surprise you and me. The zucchini for example is a fruit another couple of surprising fruit group members are the pumpkin and the tomato.

Since you asked, the answer, in purely scientific words, is that a fruit has seeds. Vegetables are parts of the plant, like the root, the stem, and the leaves. If it has seeds it's a fruit, no seeds a vegetable. Oh look at that I just saw the little light bulb over your head come on, ahem sorry, really large flood light come on over your head.

Now that the light has come on, you may be asking but what about a banana? It is a fruit. Apparently, according to OxfordDictionaries.com, the bananas we eat are from sterile banana plants and the seeds are “reduced to specks”. Also the entry says that technically speaking they are also an herb because the banana plant commonly called tree is considered an herbaceous plant because the stem contains no “true woody tissue.”

So there you have it, a quick lesson in botany and speaking of pumpkins today's deal is from Beauty by Savannah. The deal is a $75 Pumpkin Peel Facial Peel for $30. Beauty by Savannah is located in the southwest.

It is a refreshing full facial using 20% glycolic peel that exfoliates and then purifies the skin. It is wonderfully gentle, yet effective peel has no downtime and the result is beautiful, smooth skin.

This deal is for the Pumpkin Peel Facial but Beauty by Savannah has a great selection of treatments and products to make you look and feel better. Her specialty is skin care and anti-aging skincare treatments

Buy today’s deal an $75 Pumpkin Peel Facial for $30 from Beauty by Savannah. Once you buy it and have it done you will look younger, feel better and have a hankerin’ for a piece of pumpkin pie. 


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