$40.00 Semi-private Personal Training Session at Anytime Fitness for $20.00

$40.00 Semi-private Personal Training Session at Anytime Fitness for $20.00

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Do you remember the dance craze, the Lambada? It was billed as the forbidden dance. What do you supposed happened to it? Then there was the Macarena which came and went quickly, thank goodness. Of course, the eighties and nineties spawned Vogue and walking like an Egyptian. And maybe, you're old enough to remember the Funky Chicken. And some of you may even remember the dances of the fifties and early sixties like the Twist and Swim.

Many dances throughout time have had their crazes associated with them. The Charleston, Jitterbug and the Square all had their day in the sun. Okay, well, the Square is still going and may not technically be 'a' dance but it's all I could think of off hand.

Now what I am sure you don't know unless you attended Park View School in the 70's is that I had a dance craze named after me. That's right, the “My Last Name” was the rage at Park View in 1972. It made the yearbook. I was also voted best dancer. Of course, that was a given, I mean, I had a dance named after me. The dance was really nothing special. It just involved throwing your arms in the air but it was eighth grade and the bar was pretty low back then.

Anyway, today's deal has nothing to do dancing except you'll have more energy to do more dancing if you buy it. Today's deal is semi-private personal trainer session with Body by Gina at Anytime Fitness for $20.

This is a great opportunity for you to get fit. The semi private group setting includes 2 to 6 people and 2 coaches making it more affordable for you to get one-on-one training to help you reach your long term fitness goals. In the session, they will cover cardio, resistance, speed and flexibility whatever it takes to get you to where you want to be. Body by Gina at Anytime Fitness' sessions are fun, friendly and since there are more then one of you in the session, competitive too. Any training purchase includes a complimentary Body Scan ($25 value).

Buy today's deal and get a semi private personal training session with Body by Gina at Anytime Fitness for $20. While your there, build up your flexibility, stamina and agility and one day a bunch of eighth graders may name a dance after you.


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