$40.00 for one Hour of 1 on 1 Personal Fitness Training

$40.00 for one Hour of 1 on 1 Personal Fitness Training

Strongbody Fitness Training
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I had a friend attend a function where some pigeons were released in celebration of the event. This friend knowing my background in all things trivia asked me how a homing pigeon knows where home is. I told them it was magnetic.

In the simplest terms, a pigeon has a magnetic sensor in its head that allows it to sync its home base with the magnetic pull of the Earth. Of course, it takes training to teach the pigeon where they should plant the flag of home in their head.

Training that takes time and patience but in the end gives you a bird or birds that you can release at a celebration that will make it home and be waiting for you when you get there. Not having to go out and have to get new birds every time you release them is totally worth the time spent training.

Today’s deal is also for worthwhile time spent training. This deal is for training the most important person in your life, you. That’s right today’s deal is one hour of one-on-one personal fitness training at Strongbody Fitness Training for just $40. This is your chance to get your fitness transformation started for half the normal price.
Strongbody Fitness Training workouts consist of weight training, stretching and low to high impact cardiovascular routines designed to encourage lifelong fitness habits and a healthy lifestyle. This includes learning how to exercise in the gym, outdoors or even your own home.

Buy today’s deal, a one hour of one-on-one personal fitness training for $40 at Strongbody Fitness Training. Get your body ready for the new year and beyond.


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