$20.00 of food for only $10.00

$20.00 of food for only $10.00

Jerry's Pizza
Value $20
Discount 50%
Savings $10
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As foods go, pizza has to be one of the top 5 on most people’s list. It’s the simplicity that makes these pies so enjoyable. Dough, sauce, cheese and in some cases a topping or two. Throw it in an oven and faster than you can say that’s amore, you have a delicious slice of food heaven to enjoy.

The ingredients are simple but the combination of these is what makes the taste complex and so darn enjoyable. There are some foods that make you wonder how the inventor made the connection of the ingredients to make the end result. Much like you wonder how someone figures out they can launch M & M’s 10 feet from their earlobes or pull a truck with just his pinkie. You say to yourself, “Why did they try that?” or “What made them think of that?” But in the case of pizza, all you are really saying to your self is, “Thank goodness someone thought of this delicious combination of basic ingredients and why is that guy on TV pulling that truck with his teeth?”

Today’s deal gives you the opportunity to enjoy $20 of tasty Jerry's Pizza and Pub food for just $10. Jerry’s Pizza downtown is going to satisfy your desire for that delicious, hot, scrumptious, mouth watering combination of dough, sauce, cheese and more for over half off. You can probably tell I wrote this before lunch.

Buy today’s deal so you can say to yourself, “Wow, I am so glad they invented Jerry’s Pizza and I'm really glad I saw the Daily Deal so I could buy a pizza for over half off and my gosh how did that guy on TV figure out he could pull that truck with his hair?”


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Jerry's Pizza 1817 Chester Ave.
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