20 Days of Membership for $20

20 Days of Membership for $20

Corefreak Fitness by Michal
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Well here it is, the New Year. We start the year with a clean slate. The year is a lump of unmolded clay ready to be shaped by the choices we make. We are at the start of the road not taken ready to see where it leads us. There are a few more I can think of but lets leave at it’s a new year.

Even with the promise of a clean slate, there are many who have to deal with the slate we wrote all over and the leftover clay that is on still on the metaphoric potter’s wheel from last year. In many cases, including mine, it is the leftovers that cause us to deal with last year’s symbolic leftovers. The time has come to pay the out of shape piper. Whether it is weight loss or weight gain the New Year is a great time to deal with last year’s choices and make some better ones in the New Year.

That’s not to say everyone makes the wrong choice when staying in the shape you want to be. If you feel you make good choices then good for you but if like me and just the mention of Tiramisu has you looking for a fork, then I will remind you that it is a New Year and we are at the start of the road not taken.

Either way today’s deal is for you, it is a 20 day trial membership for $20 to Corefreak Fitness. The membership includes three semi-private, two to four people, personal training sessions, an individualized program based on lifestyle, needs and goals, nutritional guidance and three times a week access to the CORE group training.  

Corefreak Fitness is knowledgeable in fitness and nutrition but more importantly passionate and dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals. Corefreak Fitness strives to create an environment that is supportive and motivational. They work to fit the program to you not fitting you to the program. Corefreak Fitness provide the highest quality personal, semi-private and group training

Corefreak Fitness can help you achieve you fitness goals in the new year with this great program. Buy today’s deal a 20 day trial membership for $20. Don’t let that blank slate go to waste or should I say waist?


Expiration Date: 90 day(s) after purchase Paid amount does not expire.
Only one 20 day trial per person.
All trial members must fill out appropriate paperwork including payment information.
All trial members must attend orientation.
All trial members receive an abbreviated version of the meal plan.
All trial members have the option of attending a nutrition seminar.
20 day trials always begin during the first 2 weeks pf group training phase.
Cash back for unused portion? NO
No cash value.
Not valid with any other promotion.
No refunds. All sales are final.

About Corefreak Fitness by Michal

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The quest for youth goes back to days of yore when folks worked tireless out in the field gathering the essential ingredients to gain a more youthful appearance. Ironically, by working tirelessly in the field the sun and the elements aged them prematurely.

So then some guy decided that it would be a lot easier if he just found some fountain that made him more youthful. Hence the search for the fountain of youth began and continues to this day. Of course, you’ll be able to find out more about that search in the latest “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie. I’m sure it is based on scientific fact, those movies usually are.

Finding your own fountain of youth really is pretty easy, just exercise, eat right and get plenty of rest. Hence, your search for the fountain starts with today’s deal. The deal is two weeks of unlimited group training sessions for $24 from Corefreak Fitness. These classes will whip you into shape and start you on your quest for your own fountain of youth.

You get two weeks unlimited group training with Michal Robinson for $24. Sessions are in the morning and afternoon. Groups are small, personable and made to help you reach your fitness goals. The deal includes assessment appointment, nutritional guide, daily meal plans grocery list and of course, a fitness plan. 

So there you have it the secret to the fountain of youth, exercise, eat right and rest and they all can be found in today's deal from Corefreak Fitness at a great price. Now you can skip the movie. Of course, who would want to? You’d be missing a movie with the dreamy Johnny Depp and that elf guy from “Lord of the Rings.”

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