$10 of food for only $5.

$10 of food for only $5.

Juicy Burger
Value $10
Discount 50%
Savings $5
from $5

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$10 of food for only $5 at 9530 Hageman Rd Ste K. (Value $10)
$10 of food for only $5 at 1201 24th St. Suite D130. (Value $10)
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Cartoons throughout the years have brought hours of enjoyment to kids of all ages. Some have stood test of time and still run on children’s channels and some have sadly gone to the great film vault in Hollywood. Some thankfully will never see the glow of the TV ever again.

I have found through the years that cartoons like wine and clothing are a matter of taste. Certainly the old adage that, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure” stands true for cartoons as well. Even people with similar tastes in other forms of entertainment can be separated by a wide gap when it comes to television cartoons. My spouse and I disagree on the quality of humor in cartoons like Top Cat and Magilla Gorilla but then we don’t agree on Steel Magnolia’s or the Star Wars either.

One popular cartoon that I never really enjoyed as a youngster but that has stood the test of time and is quite popular with many kids in my general age group is Popeye. I was really more of a Flintstone’s kid and, of course, being a young man I always thought Betty was hotter than Wilma but that’s a different story for a different day. Back to Popeye, his secret power of spinach, his almost unrecognizable speech and his wisp of a girlfriend made the show a hit with young and oldsters alike.

One of the more popular characters from this popular cartoon is Wimpy. Wimpy was the ultimate hamburger hound and the ultimate mooch. He would gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today. I’m not sure he ever paid off since the cartoon never showed you Tuesday’s big pay day payback but you have to assume he would come through or why would they keep loaning him the money.

Today's deal is $10 of food for $5 at Juicy Burger as well as Dreyer's. At Juicy Burger, they use 100% never frozen Harris Ranch beef, freshly purchased local produce and a plethora of tasty toppings are the highlights of this new hamburger dream spot at the end of Highway 178 downtown. Also check out their new location in the Save Mart shopping center, 9530 Hageman Road Suite K, at the corner of Hageman and Calloway. 
The shakes are made the old fashioned way with hand scooped ice cream and on the side, you can have fresh cut fries, sweet potato fires or onion rings. It's all so delicious, yum!

Today’s deal would be a bonanza for the Wimp-ster because he could get twice the hamburgers today for repayment on Tuesday. As a matter of fact, today’s deal may have even helped him pay for the burgers without borrowing. Of course then you wouldn't get to hear him say, "I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a Juicy Burger today."


Expiration Date: 90 day(s) after purchase Paid amount does not expire.
Cash back for unused portion? NO
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Not valid with any other promotion.
Tax not included.
Only one of your vouchers may be used per day.
Valid Monday through Thursday anytime.
Also valid for Dreyer's.
No refunds. All sales are final.

About Juicy Burger

At Juicy Burger, they use 100% fresh, never frozen Harris Ranch beef, and grind their beef right at each store. They use all fresh, local produce purchased daily, and offer ten sauces and many premium toppings to choose from. They also serve fresh cut fries, sweet potato fries and onion rings all prepared in 100% vegetable oil. They even create their milk shakes the old fashion way with real hand scooped ice cream. It's all so delicious! With two locations in Bakersfield you can't go wrong with this deal.
Juicy Burger Location:
Juicy Burger 1201 24th Street Suite D-130
Bakersfield, CA, 93301, US Get Directions
Juicy Burger 9530 Hageman Rd Suite K
Bakersfield, CA, 93312, US Get Directions
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