1 Month Unlimited High Pressure Tanning for $25

1 Month Unlimited High Pressure Tanning for $25

Mystique Salon & Tanning
Value $50
Discount 50%
Savings $25
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If you’re like me and you have to kind of hope you’re not but if you are then you consider the fax machine a magical office entity. And if you’re an avid Daily Deal-er, then you are not only smart and thrifty but probably remember my amazement at the whole overnight delivery thing, well this is just like that.

How does a machine take those words and pictures on the page that I am sending, send them across the street or across the world for that matter through a little wire and then assemble them into the exact replica of the document at the other end? It’s witchcraft, voodoo; it’s the epic magic of a Harry Potter book release. I can’t explain it and I actually sold fax machines in the early 90’s. Fortunately no one asked me to explain how the little magic boxes actually worked because I didn’t and still don’t know.

Now the copier is a little more comprehensible; I mean it is basically just painting or tanning, if you will, the paper with a picture of whatever it scanned. There are no phone lines involved and it just seems a little less magical.

Speaking of tanning, today’s deal is one month of unlimited tanning at Mystique Salon and Tanning for just $25. These are the good beds too, state of the art 12 minute high pressure tan beds. Now if you’re like me, you’re saying to yourself, high pressure tan beds? What do they pressure you to tan faster while you lay there? Like, “Come on, tan! Tan, tan, tan!” That is apparently not what that means. It means that they are more efficient and you tan faster and you get a better tan without any verbal abuse whatsoever.

The package is normally $50 which is still a really good deal but today’s deal makes it 50% better. Centrally located near downtown at Truxtun and Oak Streets with five state of the art tanning beds, there is no waiting and you get faster results with the better beds than your average tanning salon. That is very cool.

Mystique Salon and Tanning is a full service salon that specializes in hair straightening, color corrections and hair extensions. They can do your nails and also have an esthetician that specializes in waxing, eyelash extensions and facials. They carry a full line of tanning lotions from Designer Skin and hair care products from Enjoy, Nicholas and American Crew.

This deal for one month of unlimited tanning at Mystique Salon and Tanning for just $25 is every bit as magical as the fax machine only in a non-scramble you up and shoot through a phone line kind of way.

  • State of the art - 12 minute tanning beds
  • Faster results than the average salon
  • They carry a full line of tanning lotions and hair care products


Expiration Date: 90 day(s) after purchase Paid amount does not expire.
Does not include one time tan tax of $2.50 
Does not include sales tax
Does not include lotions or additional products
No cash value

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